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Alletse D'ior Skincare is made for the bossy and sophisticated woman that need a skin care routine that works!


My name is EstellaDior, and I'm the owner of Alletse D'ior Skincare. As a mother, entrepreneur and beauty critic, I have used many professional brands in my life span. These brands are amazing, and have worked wonders for my kids, family and myself, but deep down, I wanted a line that was my own.


There were things that were missing from one, and I had to supplement it with products from another line. I wanted products that I could offer my family, friends and clients that follow my healthy skin methodology, routine, and actually produce results.


My goal is to help my clients understand what it means to have healthy skin, and to help them achieve their skin care goals.

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Greetings Everyone,


I’m Estella Dior Washington the CEO of ALLETSE DIOR Skincare, The Waist Snatcher and Healthy Lifestyle Products! I started my fitness journey back in 2013 when I realized my weight would constantly fluctuate from 160-298 It was very challenging for me and I just could not keep the weight off. I had tried everything from pills to weight loss surgery, I had the sleeve back in 2013 right before Federal Prison. I decided this is it and I MUST change my mindset, choices & most of all my lifestyle. I began to discipline myself, I choose to work out daily with a young lady by the name of Sarah C at Tallahassee federal prison, that created a zeal and momentum in me that gave me a super power. When released , I started on my bounce back journey testing, trying designing products that would help with my weight loss struggle, clear my skin and make me feel beautiful. The ALLETSE Dior line was successfully launched in 2021! I started with the skincare and went into the ALLETSE Waist Snatcher which was designed to target your stomach, waist and back. Giving women that sexy back arch and slim waist. The waist snatcher is a miracle worker, I also added the arms and thighs, cause after my sleeve it was hard to tone those areas. Our new Combo Eraser combines our world famous Waist Eraser and Thigh/Butt lifter in one! The Trio Snatcher targets your waistline, lifts your butt and trims your thighs. Will have you lifted, shifted and gifted.

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